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Four out of five CEOs view artificial intelligence and machine learning as “very important” or “extremely important” to their company’s future success.

Fortune 500 CEOs See A.I. as a Big Challenge. fortune.com

Jira Ticket Management

Try the “Jira for Symphony” integration

Suggested features and uses:


Create and assign Jira tickets from inside Symphony without ever switching apps.

Taskload review

Bookmark Jira tickets as you create them, automatically creating a complete list to review as a whole.

Jira awareness

Receive custom Jira notifications on Symphony mobile, everywhere.

The beauty of the [Symphony EQD] bot isn’t just saving time, but also helping users be more efficient. We can save 10 to 15 minutes just on the inventory feature alone.

Becky Ng

COO, E-Market Making and Commerce APAC, BNP Paribas

Risk and Governance

Give clients faster, better responses

Suggested features and uses:


Risk response
Instantly convene a team to handle urgent compliance issues.


Place “@” before a person’s name to alert them when an immediate response is critical.


Request internal experts to tag to compliance-related content shared on Symphony.

Apps and Integrations for Operations


Salesforce™ Integration


Room Management Bot



Give clients faster, better responses

Suggested features and uses:



Staff Broadcast
Send important client alerts to the full organization in a read-only forum.

Client Delivery
Resolve client issues faster in a Symphony room, where back-office and client teams can work together in one place.

Client info
Bring client information from internal systems into a Symphony room, streamed automatically or in response to a command.

What's new on Symphony


Ushering in Global Markets 2.0

Digital transformation is a global initiative for all of our customers, it is complex, expensive and slow to realize. However, technology is changing all that. Global communication, facilitated by cutting-edge technologies like Symphony, is where Capital Markets are heading.

Wireless Communication Network Concept. IoT(Internet Of Things). ICT(Information Communication Technology).

Symphony Ramps Up Its Innovation Engine

At Symphony, our goal is to provide the most seamless, secure collaboration available today to help people work smarter and better, so we’re excited to share what’s new with you today. Here’s what you can expect:

Workplace Confidential Infographic

Today’s Casual Workforce Creates Major Security Risk for Employers

Today, we released the results of our Symphony Workplace Confidential Survey, which examined the growth of new collaboration tools and platforms entering the workplace. The findings highlight a worryingly casual attitude to workplace communications that pose a threat to businesses.

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