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Registration open for our annual conference, Symphony Innovate 2021. Sign-up

A Look Back at 2020 with Symphony​

There is no debate that the way we work has been transformed in 2020. A new wave of digital collaboration and innovation drove record growth of the Symphony community. More than half a million users count on Symphony to connect, collaborate and create efficient workflows. Here are some highlights.

Digital Innovate Europe and New York

There was a first for everything in 2020. This year, we had our first fully digital Innovate Europe and New York. We had speakers from top financial institutions all over the globe to discuss The Collaboration Economy and how Covid-19 posed new challenges for the financial services industry. We were proud to welcome 29 companies on stage and to show 27 demos, a signal of the ingenuity of our customers.

Watch the
Innovate Europe and Innovate New York replay!

Introducing WhatsApp and WeChat Connect

This year we launched WhatsApp Connect that allows users to engage compliantly with domestic and international clients and WeChat Connect which allows users to engage compliantly with clients on WeChat.

Watch a recap of our How to Win in the New Normal: Financial Services Solutions webinar for an exclusive demo on WhatsApp and WeChat Connect and get a sneak peek of how firms like Deutsche Bank are using the integration to improve their workflows.

Brad Levy Joins Symphony

This July, Brad Levy joined Symphony as President and CCO. This marked Symphony’s next chapter to supercharge our growth and future direction in financial services. He sat down with the DESK to outline his vision for the company, and further relayed this vision during Innovate New York 2020 where he led discussions with key leaders in the financial services industry focused on automation, industry transformation, and the future state of markets.

Symphony 2.0 Launch

Over two years ago, Symphony began the design and development of our 2.0 platform – a new, high-performance Symphony with a simple, modern look-and-feel and fresh new features. This year, we made it happen. We featured 2.0 and its capabilities at Innovate New York 2020 and the response was incredible.

Join us on January 13 for our webinar:  The Evolution to Symphony’s New Platform, a juxtaposition and explanation of Symphony 1.5 and 2.0. Register

Digital Hackathons

We held our first-ever digital Hackathons in 2020 where developers built scalable, innovative solutions in just 8 hours to bring progress and efficiency to their firms. Thank you to all the firms that participated and congratulations to the winning teams from Accenture Capital Markets, Accenture Post Trade Processing, Citi, Citi Private Bank, Deutsche Bank, Finastra, GreenKey, NatWest Markets, NICE, Valuefy, and Vanadis Ltd.

We also launched our Developer Training Center and Certification this year so users can learn how to develop fundamentals, develop bots & apps, and master security. Sign up

2020 Botlights

At the beginning of 2020, Symphony had 1,300 active bots on the platform. Now we have over 2,000 active bots! We featured many great bots from our clients this year and we hope they inspired you to improve workflows at your firm with bots and integrations on Symphony. Here are some of our favorite botlights from 2020.

Barclays’ Support BBot

Barclays’ Support BBot allows users to ask any questions they may have about how to navigate Symphony. Users can also enter keywords and the Support BBot will suggest a variety of questions that it can answer. The impact has been positive, reducing the amount of user support requests and enabling teams to focus on higher priority items.

View Barclay’s Innovate Europe Demo, which showcases Barclay’s BBot, Signaly and Polly bots.

Izzy Bot 2.0 by IHS Markit

Izzy Bot 2.0 is IHS Markit’s newest iteration of the Izzy bot. The bot allows teams to query data, documents, and create chatrooms in seconds to onboard clients. IHS Markit’s Izzy bot has accelerated document searches from hours to minutes and improved customer experience with faster turnaround times. The newest iteration, Izzy Bot 2.0, allows for users to put queries into context and have them automatically shared with others, allowing for a streamlined onboarding process.

Watch the Izzy Bot 2.0 demo at Innovate New York.

JPM Asset Management’s BETSI Bot

The indication of interest (IOI) request process is complex, taking place across multiple platforms. J.P. Morgan AM’s BETSI Bot reads, records, and responds to IOI requests automatically within Symphony. The details of the IOI can then be easily digested into the firm’s execution management system (EMS) and teams can take action quickly, while reducing the risk for error. BETSI Bot was awarded the Symphony Innovation Award and was featured at Innovate New York 2020.

Watch the demo from Innovate New York here.

Option Alert by Trade Alert

The Option Alert Bot from Trade Alert, a CBOE Global Markets Company. The bot provides alerts and recaps of real-time and historical activity to improve market transparency for derivatives traders within the Symphony platform, making the process seamless for traders.

Industry News

“The low-code application platform and library from Genesis Global Technology will be added to Symphony as part of new partnership.” – Symphony integrates low-code app platform with messaging system, November 19, 2020.

Symphony’s Global Head of Client Strategy and Partnerships, Sashi Dias Valtz wins Excellence in Fintech award –
2020 Women in Finance Award Winners Announced, December 3, 2020

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