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Not Your Mother’s Web Conferencing: Introducing Symphony Meetings for iOS

The world of work has changed. It’s become more global, more remote, more fluid. This presents lots of benefits, like the flexibility to stay home with a sick child, or to run to an appointment during work hours, but also means that communication between co-workers becomes more complicated - and more important - than ever.

Currently, professionals can expect to communicate with colleagues via email, phone calls, meeting software and even text. But this model is cumbersome and could pose governance or compliance risks. At Symphony, we understand this. That’s why we created a collaboration platform that minimizes context-switching and allows you to securely connect with your co-workers from anywhere.

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Stop Data Leakage with New MDM Updates on Symphony

At Symphony, we’ve always believed that providing the right security and data ownership controls to our customers is of utmost importance. This is why we invested on Day One to build our entire platform upon true end-to-end encryption and have an unmatched encryption model that operates effectively without compromising usability, including in search and with bots.

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