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Turning Workflow Dreams into Workflow Realities with Symphony Market Solutions

Innovation around workflow automation is accelerating across all segments of the financial industry - from banking to markets, and IT to operations. Workflow automation improves efficiencies, reduces manual errors, limits context switching and generally frees us up from menial, repetitive tasks. It is proven to reduce operational complexity and cost, to help better serve clients with higher engagement, and improve employee productivity.

But automation requires a platform that is both secure and open. Automation also requires a platform that can bring humans and bots together to achieve faster business outcomes. As the industry and our clients embark on this journey, we realized that most platforms used by clients fail in one or more of these dimensions. As the industry's collaboration tool of choice, we believe Symphony is ideally placed to fill this void and enable our clients’ automation and digital transformation initiatives. To address this need, we released an SDK early in Symphony’s evolution which allows our customers to build bots, apps, and integrations for the Symphony platform themselves.

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