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Click here if you agree: Demystify the Privacy Policy

We’ve all had this experience: You’ve found an exciting new website / tool / service that you can’t wait to use. It’s going to make your job – no, your life! – that much simpler, better, more exciting. And just after you’ve picked the perfect screen name and password (a strong one, of course!), that little Privacy Policy checkbox appears.

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One in Three Healthcare Customers Will Have Records Breached in 2016 – Are You Ready?

On a recent visit to a new doctor, I arrived the requisite 15 minutes early, expecting to be greeted with the usual clipboard of grainy photocopied forms to fill out.

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Wiring the Big Apple (Securely)

Home to 8.5 million, NYC is the place for connections. But when you’re in the City that Never Sleeps, finding wifi and keeping your phone fully charged can be a pain. A former consultant, I’ve been in the position many times of crisscrossing the city from meeting to meeting, desperate to quickly find a phone charger or connect to wifi.

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Humans, Still Our Greatest Security Challenge

You’ve seen it before: an email from your manager telling you take urgent action, file attached. Even if the project doesn’t ring a bell, it’s your boss telling you to do it, so everything’s in order right? Maybe not.

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