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Let’s Make Music Together - Come Work at Symphony

I spend the majority of my time talking to the “Navy Seals” of our industry about our young, lively, fun company. And that’s why I love my job! In less than six months, we’ve grown Symphony from 40 employees to more than 120 - that is no small feat, given we are surrounded by tech celebrities like Google, eBay and Apple.

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Aligning our Culture to Benefits: Introducing BYOB

If there is one thing I’ve learned over almost two decades of leading HR, it’s that the workplace is constantly changing. Our employees’ needs are different today than what they were just a few years ago, and in 3-5 years they will have transformed yet again. One of my priorities at Symphony is to continually evolve our company culture to one that embodies our values, our rituals, our work ethics – while of course always having fun.

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There’s Always Time to Give Back: Introducing SymphonyGives and SymphonyCares

Giving back is in my blood. Whether to my friends, family, community, or charities, I always try to give more than I take.

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Launching Symphony’s commitment to gender equality

It’s one thing to have values — it’s another thing to act on them. One of Symphony’s core values is that “Diversity makes for a richer experience.” As a woman leader at this company, I will own making that value a reality by building a diverse workforce that reflects our evolving culture. It’s an ongoing challenge that we pose to ourselves not only due to the lack of gender and ethnic diversity in Silicon Valley,1 but because we know that a commitment to diversity enriches our product and will make Symphony more successful. According to entrepreneur and former Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao,2 “gender-diverse companies show 15 percent [greater] likelihood of financial outperformance.”

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Choosing to care: why we gave $35,000 to charity last year

For most of us, charity is a choice—each of us has their own relationship to generosity. But at Symphony, we have a saying: nothing is someone else’s problem. We feel a responsibility not just for what’s in front of us, but what’s around us. Because it’s all connected.

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