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Light at the End of the Tunnel: Our Inspiration

I can almost see the finish line. After nearly a year of full-on design and development, we’re putting the finishing touches on our big public release and I’m raising my hat to our team.

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Your Personal Symphony

As a product guy responsible for designing Symphony, I’m here to tell you that the headlines about us are wrong. We aren’t building something that’s a replacement for any legacy terminal - we’re building something entirely new. I’ve spent hours meeting with clients and partners and what we’ve designed is different from what is out there.

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Messaging, the operating system of financial services

I’ve never liked having more than two windows open on my desktop at one time, it’s too much. Call me a typical technology worker - headphones on to ensure sanity, multiple desktop instances to carefully isolate tasks. But as a product guy, I know that my style is not exactly typical for financial professionals.

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Capital markets: Instant message doesn’t mean instant response (anymore)

When working in capital markets, being glued to the desk is part of the job. The competition is fierce, so the constant fear of missing a trade if every.single.message isn’t read or you weren’t at your desk when you needed to be persists. Every single “…” (typing indicator) counts - and instant message and chatroom content is fed to us in parallel, sort of like being on multiple conference calls at the same time.

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How to not be an (unintentional) jerk on your collaboration app: Do's and Dont's

Let's evolve the social contract.

It used to be so simple. You get an email, you decide the urgency and respond when appropriate. They’d call if it was that important. We all knew the rules around what’s “real-time” and what is not. But this has completely changed with the vast adoption of group chat.

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