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Too much noise in your work communications? Help the machine get better

I just got back from a meeting with a new client and my inbox is filled with hundreds of messages, alerts, emails and even a few voicemails. Grrr. This ratio of signal to noise - a combination of too many channels and ways to be notified, and only one of me to interpret it all - makes me want to poke myself in the eyeballs. At Symphony, we are obsessed with fixing this problem.

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Build the tools for the future of work at the New World Symphony

It’s Monday. You wake up and scroll through numerous texts and emails, trying to set your priorities for the day. For the modern worker, that might look like getting to your desk and opening one or two dozen tabs, each one launching you into a different app: the one where your content lives, the one where your chats live, the one where your expense reports live, the one—you get the idea. One of those texts was relevant to one of those open windows, but who can remember? Those apps don’t speak to each other and besides, you’re absorbed in another app’s UI.

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Symphony Launches First Integrations

It is now possible for users to bring even more of their day-to-day workflow into Symphony. Our initial integrations - GitHub, JIRA, Salesforce, the Universal Webhook and Zapier - are available to all Symphony customers in the Symphony Market today.

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