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Developing Mobile Apps? Ask Yourselves These Security Questions

Developing Secure Mobile Apps

Recent reports have surfaced about the significant rise in cyber attacks targeting mobile devices. The year 2014 alone saw a 500% growth in mobile software-based attacks. Many companies, consumers, and mobile developers are now left wondering, “How can I be sure my mobile apps and devices are secure?”

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Data Security at our Core: A Layered Approach

Recently, the security of digital communication platforms has been under fire and questioned by many who are using these tools to talk with colleagues, friends and family. Here at Symphony, security is part of our DNA – and while no system is bullet proof, we know that any growing network will become a target for hackers. With security as the foundation of our platform, we plan to always stay one step ahead of our potential threats.

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Symphony Heads to Singapore for the Asian Financial Services Conference

Earlier this month, Symphony was able to interact with many premier APAC financial service companies at the Asian Financial Services Conference thanks to the hospitable invite from IDC Financial Insights. Attendees shared best practices, chatted about innovations in the industry, and showed each other what they had been working on. One of the hot topics at the conference centered around the significant increase in IT related expenses across the industry in an effort to be responsive to the changing security landscape and the increase in security related threats.

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Transitioning To The Cloud? Read This First.

Due to reduced costs and improved scalability and efficiency, cloud technology is rising in popularity in the enterprise space. As companies continue (or begin) to transition aspects of their business to the cloud, they should closely exam the benefits and associated risks of each component.

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Can You Hack It: The Symphony and Goldman Sachs Hackathon

On February 28, Symphony co-sponsored Code GS—an all-day, student hackathon hosted by Goldman Sachs in which participants were challenged with creating innovative enhancements to the Symphony platform. Over 100 undergraduate and graduate students joined together from schools across the U.S. to participate.

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Security as the Foundation

The numerous (and public) security breaches in 2014 have clearly illustrated the need for everyone to improve their data security and privacy practices.  Gigaom has even declared 2015 as “The Year of Encryption,” focusing on what companies such as Apple and Google are doing this year to make improvements. And finally, governments and businesses of all sizes are beginning to take action by improving their cybersecurity practices.

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It Isn’t Always Good to Be Popular

According to SplashData’s annual list of the 25 most common passwords found on the Internet, “123456” maintains the top spot. And as the most popular, it’s also the worst!

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Rehumanizing Digital Communication

A recent article from John Biggs at TechCrunch cited a study from the University of Missouri-Columbia that found when people use Facebook to simply monitor what their friends are doing (vs. engaging with others), they can experience symptoms of depression.

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What is Symphony?

In my last blog post, I shared Symphony’s vision — to make digital interactions more human and real. This will happen within an entirely new product category that champions secure and seamless communication. In this post I discuss, “What is Symphony?”

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Symphony Enterprise Edition: Regulatory Compliance Features

Recently there have been a number of articles in the press asking about Symphony’s compliance features, and how our platform enables financial institutions to provide the contents of secure messages to regulators. Symphony does not make it harder for government regulators to obtain chats from the firms they regulate. In fact, Symphony is designed to ensure that firms receive their chats and can retain them in full compliance with record retention rules.

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We Miss Our Interns

This summer, Symphony has employed over a dozen interns across our Marketing, HR & Recruiting, Product and Development teams – and their contributions have made an impact on Symphony’s platform and culture. We already miss them!

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Don’t be Slack on Security

It seems like Slack may finally be realizing the importance of security, despite their CSO’s recent public comments dismissing end-to-end encryption. While we found this comment puzzling, Slack’s quick backtracking is even more so.

So is security a priority for Slack, or is it not? Let’s take a look...

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