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Transitioning To The Cloud? Read This First.

Due to reduced costs and improved scalability and efficiency, cloud technology is rising in popularity in the enterprise space. As companies continue (or begin) to transition aspects of their business to the cloud, they should closely exam the benefits and associated risks of each component.

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Your Personal Symphony

As a product guy responsible for designing Symphony, I’m here to tell you that the headlines about us are wrong. We aren’t building something that’s a replacement for any legacy terminal - we’re building something entirely new. I’ve spent hours meeting with clients and partners and what we’ve designed is different from what is out there.

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Empowering Compliance Teams

Since launching Symphony for Enterprise this summer, our team has had hundreds of conversations with people across a wide range of regulated industries – financials services, accounting, insurance, etc. In almost every discussion, we hear about the same two organizational challenges: ensuring data security, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Wiring the Big Apple (Securely)

Home to 8.5 million, NYC is the place for connections. But when you’re in the City that Never Sleeps, finding wifi and keeping your phone fully charged can be a pain. A former consultant, I’ve been in the position many times of crisscrossing the city from meeting to meeting, desperate to quickly find a phone charger or connect to wifi.

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How to not be an (unintentional) jerk on your collaboration app: Do's and Dont's

Let's evolve the social contract.

It used to be so simple. You get an email, you decide the urgency and respond when appropriate. They’d call if it was that important. We all knew the rules around what’s “real-time” and what is not. But this has completely changed with the vast adoption of group chat.

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How Symphony Changed the Way I Work

After five years of working in sales and trading at a prominent investment bank, I made the decision to change direction and take a chance on Symphony, a then months-old tech startup out of Silicon Valley.

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Concerned About Protecting Your Data? Collaborate with Confidence with Symphony DLP

Communicating with customers is critical to your business, but so is maintaining the security of proprietary data and documents. Squaring the two is hard in a world where messaging and collaboration tools allow faster communication and more seamless sharing of data than ever before. Given this, how can security and compliance officers protect employees from sending private customer data, non-public, or sensitive information to the wrong chat room?

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A Beginner’s Guide to Collaboration

Symphony is a powerful platform with lots of functionality, from messaging to video meetings, chat rooms to intelligent content curation, and helpful applications to transformative workflows. To start, we’d like to help you master some valuable basics so you get off on the right foot, and can build the foundation for more advanced functionality.

Here are a few of the first things you should know. 

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Collaborate More Efficiently with Symphony for Microsoft Office™

As the enterprise collaboration space continues to grow, partnerships and integrations are becoming increasingly important in order to truly streamline workflow. At Symphony, we know that you spend time in any number of applications each day, so it’s important for us to support the work that you do in all of them. And who better than to integrate with for productivity than the original enterprise collaboration tool: Microsoft Office™?

Here are a few new capabilities to look out for with our new Symphony for Microsoft Office™ integration...

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Not Your Mother’s Web Conferencing: Introducing Symphony Meetings for iOS

The world of work has changed. It’s become more global, more remote, more fluid. This presents lots of benefits, like the flexibility to stay home with a sick child, or to run to an appointment during work hours, but also means that communication between co-workers becomes more complicated - and more important - than ever.

Currently, professionals can expect to communicate with colleagues via email, phone calls, meeting software and even text. But this model is cumbersome and could pose governance or compliance risks. At Symphony, we understand this. That’s why we created a collaboration platform that minimizes context-switching and allows you to securely connect with your co-workers from anywhere.

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Collaborate in Context with Bookmarks, Message Reply and In-Room Search

Traditional work communication tools can be clunky, confusing, and contextless. Nothing is worse than searching an interminable email chain or being unable to figure out which attachment you sent to whom!

At Symphony, we’re working to make communication and collaboration at work easier and more efficient, which is why we’ve come out with a new software update that includes a number of productivity boosting features such as Bookmarks, Message Reply and In-Room Search.

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Tips and Tricks for Building Great Bots

I recently had the opportunity to team up with Vinay Mistry and Olivier Poupeney from Symphony’s Platform Solutions team for a fireside chat on building bots. The Platform Solutions team has spent the last couple of years helping some of the largest companies in the world design their automation strategies, and given the number of attendees, there’s huge interest in the topic from our growing developer community.

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Customizing Symphony to Focus on What’s Relevant

Chat applications can get busy, and people are starting to take note (as evidenced by this recent Vox article). Knowing this, one of Symphony’s product objectives is to reduce noise in our platform and allow you to focus on what is most important.

That’s why we developed a number of features -- including Signals, Alerts, Aliases, Colors and Sounds -- to help you customize Symphony, contextualize all of the information contained on the platform, and reduce cognitive overload.

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Untangling the Wires of Digital Transformation

Market Solution Spotlight: Jira and Confluence for Symphony

“Digital transformation” has been mot du jour in boardrooms and among executive teams around the world for the last 3 to 5 years. Indeed, this trend has officially become “mainstream”, even sometimes passing into a panacea for any and all technology initiative an organization undertakes.

And as the digital enterprise becomes a reality, business leaders are doing more than ever to lead major business transformations. IDC predicts that 40% ($1.18 trillion) of all global technology spending in 2019 will go toward digital transformations (an 18% increase from 2018). And, worldwide Digital Transformation technology investments are expected to total more than $6 trillion over the next four years.

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