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Symphony Beta Launches!

Today is a big day.

I’m excited to announce that Beta version of Symphony is now available to our enterprise customers. This marks an important milestone in our product roadmap with 80 percent of our core functionality now available, with the rest to follow shortly. Since our Alpha version of Symphony, we now have over 50,000 industry professionals and the daily message number already exceeding the 2 million threshold.

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A New Company, A New Way to Communicate – Symphony Encryption Software

It has been a while since my last blog post, but as you’ll soon discover, it will have been worth the wait.

Today, we announced that the world’s leading financial institutions have acquired Perzo Inc., and together we have created Symphony. The new company will provide a secure communication and workflow platform for professionals and enterprises to seamlessly exchange high-value content and information while being compliant with various regulations.

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Perzo is live!

I am very pleased to announce that we have released the beta today.

In building Perzo we have looked at the state of art of today’s communication tools such as email, SMS, MMS, IM, Chat Rooms, Presence, Social Networks, and Forums, and brought together the best of these tools, so that you can interact with your personal network with ease, peace of mind and efficiency.

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Our Journey in 2012

As we are approaching the end of 2012 I thought I should share with you what we have accomplished this year.

We have been working hard since September to create the Perzo experience. We started by developing the web front-end of Perzo and are glad of it, as it turned out to be the right challenge to tackle first. We have defined our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), developed the user stories, user flows, wireframes, designs and started coding and testing.

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Get a Sneak Peek of Symphony

How We’ve Improved Secure Business Communications for the 21st Century Workforce

Since our beta release on April 24th, we have received great feedback from our more than 30,000 beta users on the usability and functionality of Symphony.

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Secure Messaging and Productivity: Symphony Enterprise Edition

Today we launch the Enterprise edition of Symphony, making Symphony available to industries that deal with sensitive information and operate in regulated environments.

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Symphony Enterprise Edition: Regulatory Compliance Features

Recently there have been a number of articles in the press asking about Symphony’s compliance features, and how our platform enables financial institutions to provide the contents of secure messages to regulators. Symphony does not make it harder for government regulators to obtain chats from the firms they regulate. In fact, Symphony is designed to ensure that firms receive their chats and can retain them in full compliance with record retention rules.

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Bank-DFS Agreement

The New York Department of Financial Services has announced that it reached voluntary agreements with four of our customers regarding their use of Symphony’s platform (see our blog post on the topic). Symphony was already designed to allow banks to be fully compliant with their record retention requirements. Today’s announcement provides additional procedures.

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Introducing Symphony’s New Partners: Dow Jones, McGraw-Hill Financial and Selerity

Welcome to Symphony Content Partners, Dow Jones, McGraw-Hill Financial and Selerity

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Symphony Launches Today!

Today is the day we have been working toward for the last year: It’s the day we’re launching Symphony’s Secure Messaging application, and we can’t wait for you to try it.

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Happy First Anniversary Symphony

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Symphony. It has been quite a ride – both exhilarating and fun. We’ve formed a family who has spent long days together to accomplish one thing: build and launch Symphony.

And now I can say that Symphony is used in 79 countries with 35,000 active users. We have 140 employees in Palo Alto, New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. I am very proud of what we have accomplished.

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Symphony Welcomes New Investors and New Capital

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the formation of Symphony.

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Symphony for iPhone is Here - Finally, a BYOD Solution that Works!

Admit it: you use your business device for non-work, and your personal device in business. You aren’t alone. This shift towards BYOD is here to stay - Gartner predicts by the end of 2017, half of employers will require employees to use their own devices for company work. (BYOD = Bring Your Own Device for the uninitiated.)

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Introducing Symphony for Android

The smartphone that runs APAC

According to Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends report, over half (52%) of the world’s smartphone users live in the Asia Pacific region (up from 34% in 2008). And what type of smartphone are the vast majority of professionals in Asia (and the world, really) using today? Android.

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Build the tools for the future of work at the New World Symphony

It’s Monday. You wake up and scroll through numerous texts and emails, trying to set your priorities for the day. For the modern worker, that might look like getting to your desk and opening one or two dozen tabs, each one launching you into a different app: the one where your content lives, the one where your chats live, the one where your expense reports live, the one—you get the idea. One of those texts was relevant to one of those open windows, but who can remember? Those apps don’t speak to each other and besides, you’re absorbed in another app’s UI.

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Symphony Launches First Integrations

It is now possible for users to bring even more of their day-to-day workflow into Symphony. Our initial integrations - GitHub, JIRA, Salesforce, the Universal Webhook and Zapier - are available to all Symphony customers in the Symphony Market today.

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Symphony Named an Aragon Hot Vendor in Team Collaboration

Take it from the pros at Aragon Research: team collaboration is no longer an optional tool for knowledge workers; it is an essential. At Symphony, we agree, which is why we were excited to be named a Hot Vendor in Team Collaboration, a distinction given to companies Aragon believes are the most noteworthy, visionary, and innovative in their respective markets.

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The Inherent Problem with Data

No one should be surprised about the recent news that Facebook gave some companies special access to user data, allowing them access even after the company had made policy changes restricting it for others. This is the inherent problem with giving control over your data to any technology provider.

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Compliance and the Consumerization of IT

Business can be done from virtually anywhere, thanks to mobile and the host of different communications platforms available to most professionals today. Users can easily connect via social media, team collaboration and messaging platforms, text, personal email -- the list goes on. And for many businesses, this "consumerization of IT” is a positive trend from a productivity perspective. It allows for greater opportunity to build relationships with clients and offers quicker communication and collaboration between teams.

However, for companies in highly regulated industries - like financial services - each new avenue of communication also poses a potential compliance risk. Regulatory bodies are taking note; the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) has recently acknowledged the increasing use of alternative communication methods in the investment advisory business as a potential concern.

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Today’s Casual Workforce Creates Major Security Risk for Employers

Today, we released the results of our Symphony Workplace Confidential Survey, which examined the growth of new collaboration tools and platforms entering the workplace. The findings highlight a worryingly casual attitude to workplace communications that pose a threat to businesses.

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Symphony Ramps Up Its Innovation Engine

This week, Symphony launched its newest release version 1.54. We focused on making improvements in employee and team productivity; digital transformation; securing your collaboration data; and reliability, performance, and scalability (RPS).

At Symphony, our goal is to provide the most seamless, secure collaboration available today to help people work smarter and better, so we're excited to share what's new with you today. Here’s what you can expect:

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Stop Data Leakage with New MDM Updates on Symphony

At Symphony, we’ve always believed that providing the right security and data ownership controls to our customers is of utmost importance. This is why we invested on Day One to build our entire platform upon true end-to-end encryption and have an unmatched encryption model that operates effectively without compromising usability, including in search and with bots.

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Turning Workflow Dreams into Workflow Realities with Symphony Market Solutions

Innovation around workflow automation is accelerating across all segments of the financial industry - from banking to markets, and IT to operations. Workflow automation improves efficiencies, reduces manual errors, limits context switching and generally frees us up from menial, repetitive tasks. It is proven to reduce operational complexity and cost, to help better serve clients with higher engagement, and improve employee productivity.

But automation requires a platform that is both secure and open. Automation also requires a platform that can bring humans and bots together to achieve faster business outcomes. As the industry and our clients embark on this journey, we realized that most platforms used by clients fail in one or more of these dimensions. As the industry's collaboration tool of choice, we believe Symphony is ideally placed to fill this void and enable our clients’ automation and digital transformation initiatives. To address this need, we released an SDK early in Symphony’s evolution which allows our customers to build bots, apps, and integrations for the Symphony platform themselves.

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Enable Contextual Collaboration with Box and Symphony

Symphony and Box have a lot in common. We’re both cloud native; both reimagining how technology can help people at work; and both deeply committed to helping our customers achieve successful digital transformation initiatives.

So, as more and more important work conversations are happening over chat, it makes sense to enable efficient, intuitive document sharing via collaboration platforms. What’s more, it’s imperative that the information sent over chat is done so securely and compliantly, particularly for companies operating in regulated industries like financial services or insurance.

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