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Collaborate in Context with Bookmarks, Message Reply and In-Room Search

Savvithri Sivaraamakrishnan

Traditional work communication tools can be clunky, confusing, and contextless. Nothing is worse than searching an interminable email chain or being unable to figure out which attachment you sent to whom!

At Symphony, we’re working to make communication and collaboration at work easier and more efficient, which is why we’ve come out with a new software update that includes a number of productivity boosting features such as Bookmarks, Message Reply and In-Room Search.

Here’s how they work:

Save important messages with bookmarks

To help you keep track of important messages or tasks, you can click on a message to bookmark and Symphony will save it within the “Bookmark manager”. Bookmarks are perfect for reminders, research or simple to-do lists. You also can add notes, sort bookmarks, or search for content by keyword or tag. Once you’re done with a task or no longer need the reminder, you can remove any bookmark with just one click.

A few ways that bookmarks can be immediately useful in your organization include:

  • Team members in IT, HR, Marketing or DevOps can bookmark answers to frequently asked questions for faster response time to common questions

  • While collaborating with others to create a research report or white paper, Research Analysts can bookmark content for future reference, to provide curated access to relevant background information.

  • A trader or salesperson can bookmark market-moving news and color commentary shared in a chat room for personal reference to provide context for product pricing.

Communicate in context with direct message replies

Symphony adds the ability to respond directly to a specific message. This keeps a conversation in context, even in busy chat rooms. To send a direct reply, just click on ‘messaging actions’ and type a response as normal.

Users in your organization can use message reply to:

  • Assign trade break tickets to team members quickly by including the original ticket in-line in the reply. This provides faster processing through the inclusion of contextual information such as a link to JIRA ticket.

  • Include the original message in a reply and add comments to provide market color on a significant event such as Brexit to provide contextual market color commentary.

  • Reply to client questions in-line by including the original message in client coverage chat room and give contextual answers to client’s questions in a busy chat room.

Find things fast with in-room search

Looking for a specific message from a few weeks back but don’t want to scroll through hundreds of chat messages? You can skip the scrolling with in-room search. Click the search icon at the top right of a chat or room and type any keyword to search and view a list of all hits. Once you find the right message, click “go here” and Symphony will take you right to the relevant conversations.

In-room search can be used by:

  • Portfolio managers, to quickly access pricing or terms and conditions by searching chat rooms for new products.

  • IT or devops professionals to quickly view the status of an IT service request by referencing a ticket number while searching in the “IT Support” chat room.

  • Operations to quickly access the trade confirmation document by referencing a trade ID while searching in a “Trade Break” room for a faster response to counterparties while resolving trade breaks.

Want to know what else is included in our latest release? Check out our video to see these updates in action. You can also find us on @Symphony Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or visit for more details on this update.

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