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Enable Contextual Collaboration with Box and Symphony

Frederic Stemmelin

Symphony and Box have a lot in common. We’re both cloud native; both reimagining how technology can help people at work; and both deeply committed to helping our customers achieve successful digital transformation initiatives.

So, as more and more important work conversations are happening over chat, it makes sense to enable efficient, intuitive document sharing via collaboration platforms. What’s more, it’s imperative that the information sent over chat is done so securely and compliantly, particularly for companies operating in regulated industries like financial services or insurance.

That’s why we’ve come together to introduce Box for Symphony, an integration that provides contextual collaboration through instant access to Box content within the context of real-time conversations on Symphony. Box for Symphony is the only content management solution that provides rich interaction from within Symphony, so we’re excited to introduce it to you today.

How Does Box for Symphony Work? 

With Box for Symphony, users can now share Box content with colleagues on Symphony in a highly secure and compliant way, protected by Symphony’s true end-to-end encryption model. Users can also seamlessly upload content to Box from within Symphony and instantly access Symphony from Box to share files and comments.

Additional features of this integration include:

  • Invoke Symphony from within Box to create a Symphony chat room and share content
  • Receive notifications in Symphony when users upload files to Box or make comments in Box folders or files
  • Send folders, notifications, and comments from Box to SymphonyAutomatically download “Recent” or “Favorite” files or folders from Box to Symphony
  • Instantly upload content from within Symphony to Box folders
  • Assign Box folders to Symphony chat rooms through Box App on Symphony for centralized management of Box folders from within Symphony
  • Unfurl Box links in Symphony chat rooms
  • Advanced security, compliance and governance capabilities

The Results?

There are many ways that this integration can be immediately useful to teams working within Box or Symphony. For example, prime brokerage firms can use Box for Symphony to collaborate on and share client reports securely and compliantly. Additionally, sales and trading can use this integration to substantiate market color commentary in a Symphony chat room by including links to Box files — from within Symphony.

All documents shared via Symphony are protected with true end-to-end encryption, enabling teams to work together securely and compliantly on documents stored in Box. Using a chat interface combined with the power of Box’s content management and collaboration capabilities in this context could increase productivity and visibility and ultimately lead to faster project completion.

It’s efficiencies like these that Box and Symphony strive to help customers achieve, and we’re excited to see technology positively affecting the way people work. The announcement of this integration today marks the first step in our partnership, with many more updates to come. Stay tuned for more information!

Box for Symphony is available now. Learn more about Box for Financial Services here.

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