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Focus on What Matters

Barry Castle

If you’re like me - days filled with meetings and small fires to extinguish - it’s often evening when you’re finally able to work through your backlog of emails and news. It’s happened more than once that I missed something important and learned of it too late to do anything about it, and I bet I’m not alone.

Symphony has been working on a solution to this problem, and I’m excited to share it with you at our upcoming webinar. I’ll be joined by Selerity CEO Ryan Terpstra, and we’ll chat about Selerity’s integration with Symphony and how we help you focus on the essentials when they matter.

As one of the members of Symphony’s content partner ecosystem, Selerity will incorporate its context-driven news, research, and social data directly into Symphony’s workflow platform - meaning our users can be more tuned in to stories as they break. What’s unique about Selerity? In a word - context.

Selerity has engineered a set of proprietary algorithms to customize content based on users’ individual workflow, tied to what is happening in the world in real-time. This means that the Selerity app surfaces only the most important information to you. Why should you care? Because you can quickly read what you need to know, and get back to work. I was captivated when I first heard Ryan share his vision of context-driven news and information, and I’m sure you will be too.

Intrigued? Join us on November 19. The webcast will be both informative and interactive, and I promise a bit of fun along the way.

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