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Innovation Is Never Complete!

Katherine Kilpatrick

Last October, we hosted our inaugural Innovate conference, bringing together over 300 finance, tech and government leaders to discuss the Future of Work. Those who attended got the first peek as we unveiled some of our newest features, including Symphony Meetings and our first platform integrations.

Symphony Innovate 2016 focused on 4 main themes for the enterprise: productivity, collaboration, security and trust. Exploring these through partner demos and customer panels, we came away reinvigorated with new ideas for the future of Symphony.

Still, innovation is never complete. Over the past year we have continued to challenge the status quo. At this year’s conference, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to show off the hard work of our developers with a demo filled with new features and use cases. And, we look forward to showcasing the exciting work of our community of partners and customers.

On October 4 in New York City, 500+ industry-leading IT and financial executives, engineers, and thought leaders from around the world will gather at Symphony Innovate 2017. There, they will discover how technology enables the Power of Community for the financial services industry and beyond.

Here is what attendees can expect:

  • Get the first look at latest disruptive technology that is solving today’s complex business challenges
  • Collaborate with our expert partners to see how the Symphony platform is being extended to fit the unique needs of the financial industry
  • Network and connect with partners, colleagues and Symphonians

Symphony Innovate 2017 is an invite-only event. Please contact your Symphony representative if you would like to attend, or request an invite.

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