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Signing off AIM, Signing onto Symphony

Katherine Kilpatrick

By now you have probably heard that AIM is shutting down on December 15, 2017. AIM has left a lasting legacy: its popularization of chat still influences how we communicate today. Socially, we are used to quick messages and instant response. At work, trends are swinging towards enterprise chat, rather than emails.

So if you are among the last 100k or so users still using AIM — particularly those who chat on AIM every day for business or work — be sure to consider these 6 “must haves,” before deciding on your next chat platform:

  1. Easy Access to Your Network & Beyond — Collaboration doesn’t happen alone, or in a silo. It should be easy to talk to your colleagues, teammates, clients, and vendors all in one place, and to form a sense of community. Diversify your network and connect with people both inside and outside your company for fresh ideas and faster action.

  2. Real-time chat — Chat tools like AIM changed the way people communicate at home and at work. You expect immediate responses and need to provide important information from wherever you are. With a fast-paced, constantly-changing market, the next platform you choose should have a mobile app that allows you to be available, even while on-the-go.

  3. Customization Capabilities — Communication platforms should not be one-size-fits-all. Everyone operates differently, from the way they like to organize content, to the visual structure that benefits their workflow best. Look for a platform with customizable features which allows your organization to modify based on the enterprise’s needs, and offers employees the opportunity to adjust settings that work best for them.

  4. Automation — Your messaging platform should make work easier. When you switch between tools and tabs it’s easy to make mistakes, put your data at risk, and it’s just downright annoying. Find a platform that enables you to access third party apps and continue workflows all in one place, rather than just adding another program on top of all the others. Applications and integrations on your chat platform will help you receive real-time content, action to-dos, and track progress in a single place.

  5. Personalized Alerts — Have you ever missed an important email buried in a long chain? With an overload of news, research, and emails, it is crucial to stay organized with custom alerts so urgent matters don’t slip through the cracks. Look for a system that allows you to setup personal notifications on events relevant to you.

  6. Security and Compliance — In any business, it is important to ensure that your and your customers’ information safe. Whether you’re communicating within your own firm, or between companies, ensure you have ownership over the content and encryption keys. For industries that must maintain global regulatory compliance, look for features like information barriers, expression filters, individual user entitlements, room monitoring, and content export.

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