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Symphony at ANBIMA

Drey Dias

Last week, Symphony was pleased to participate in and sponsor the ANBIMA 10th Investment Fund Congress. We delivered presentations across key topics such as Digital Transformation, Workplace Evolution, Security & Privacy on communication and collaboration. Additionally, we had the honor to host 3 of our Brazilian partners: B3, CMA and Navarra Tech. Each demonstrated their projects to build, integrate and automate processes; leveraging Symphony's open-source APIs and collaborative platform which reaches over 430,000 users globally. Here are some of our top takeaways from the event.

Symphony’s Focus on Security

Symphony's CSO, Lawrence Miller, took the stage to discuss trends and risks in the security space including dispelling misconceptions around what true end-to-end encryption means (hint: it’s neither BYOK nor EKM).

Why should anyone care? The uprising of a more casual workplace presents major security risks and threats and businesses face a growing challenge of controlling who has access to their data. True end-to-end encryption lets enterprises do this, but very few collaboration applications offer it. Data sovereignty is particularly important within the financial services industry, and Symphony was built from the ground up to attend to these needs. Curious to know more about how our end-to-end encryption works? Request a copy of Lawrence’s presentation at

Growing The Symphony Community in Brazil

Symphony’s Brazilian community is rapidly growing - the number of users in Brazil alone has tripled in the last 12 months. They join the more than 400 institutions and more than 430,000 users globally.

By leveraging Symphony's APIs, clients are enabled to automate processes, integrate with partners or internal systems. The Symphony community is also expanding our bot ecosystem with more than 800 chatbots and 250 Apps and integrations; all of which support our client’s digital transformation initiatives.

Symphony strategic partnerships including with Salesforce, FactSet, IHS Markit and iPushPull to name a few. This ecosystem is possible because we offer over 140 open-source APIs for clients and partners to innovate, build, develop and integrate solutions.

Highlighting Symphony’s Brazilian Partnerships

As we expand in Brazil, it is critical to have strategic partnerships locally, so we were thrilled to feature work that B3, CMA and Navarra have already done on Symphony’s platform.

B3, CMA and Navarra Tech have been exploring our developing environment, familiarizing with our technology and how to build and integrate their existing solutions to our ecosystem. These three partners took the stage to present their projects and demonstrate how their integrations with Symphony will add value to our mutual clients:

B3 - Alexandre Jahnecke, Head of IT Products Development - Connectivity, Front & Middle Office Systems and Diego Tuckmantel, Product Development Specialist, presented how B3 (Brazil's Exchange) intends to leverage Symphony embedded and integrated with several of their products, starting with ePuma and RoboTrader -- extending chat features to their entire community of buy side and sell side traders. B3 will also add their CALC application as a chatbot in Symphony, where users will be able to trigger fixed income calculations (price/yield) for government and corporate bonds on phase 1, and expand into CRIs and CRAs on phase 2. Another product on the radar is B3’s Risk Simulator, integrating with CORE to facilitate margin calculation.

CMA - Raphael Juan, Head of Markets presented how CMA Series 1 will be integrated as an App in Symphony Market. CMA intends to expand the integration to their other product lines and building workflow automations that will bring more efficiency to our mutual clients.

Navarra Tech - Daniel Barra, Co-Founder & CEO demonstrated the Energy Auctions and Request for Quotes (RFQ) solution they built for a group of energy traders but that could be replicated across all OTC markets.The combination of an App and chatbot facilitate the quoting and pricing via chat, also centralizing results and controlling counterparty risk.

Whether it's news, analytics, market data or trading, for a more complete collaborative platform, clients want to socialize with prices, charts, research and close business in the same workplace they are communicating internally and externally. The ability to centralize and consolidate platforms bring tremendous efficiency and control over your data. It is exciting to see Brazilian partners achieving just that by leveraging the Symphony platform.

What’s Next?

As we continue to grow our presence and community in Brazil, we’ll be sharing more innovations and updates like the ones we presented in ANBIMA. We can’t wait to see what else Symphony and our Brazilian clients and partners can achieve and create on our platform.

If you want to know more about Symphony, or how we can help your team collaborate securely, reach out to our team at, or find us @Symphony on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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