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Symphony Innovate 2018 Hackathon

Katherine Kilpatrick

On September 27, over 100 developers across 24 teams hacked the day away at the Symphony Innovate Hackathons in London, Paris, and New York. It was incredible to see such impressive workflows designed to improve business processes on Symphony built in just eight hours!

Two winners were selected in each region for the Most Cutting-Edge Technical Development and Most Impactful Business Automation Development. Take a look at our winners:


Most Cutting-Edge Technical Development: BNP Spartans for The Collaborator

The Collaborator uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and chatterbot to identify the right people for specific projects. This bot maintains a set of data containing people with key skill sets that can be queried on Symphony to bring together your dream collaboration team.


Most Impactful Business Automation Development: Credit Suisse for Rachel - Client Onboarding Bot

Rachel combines human operators and automation bots to improve the client onboarding experience. It automates onboarding for new clients and pulls humans into the process when needed. Using this bot helps transfer knowledge and increase transparency between the front office, operations, credit, legal, and more.



Most Cutting-Edge Technical Development: BNP Paribas for Elnek Killer Bot

The Elnek Killer Bot supports collaboration between product managers and developers. The bot uses NLP to understand and take action on the product manager’s request. For example, if a product manager requests to deploy a new version of software for testing, the bot will move the request to Trello for action and tracking.


Most Impactful Business Automation Development: CA-CIB/Invivoo for Smart RFQ Bot

The Smart RFQ Bot uses AI to improve the RFQ process between clients & CA-CIB and reduce operational risk. The bot scans request documents to extract relevant information, then runs a CA-CIB internal process to check for compliance or regulatory obligations, and price. The bot then processes the RFQ in a chat room, increasing visibility for CA-CIB and clients.


New York

Most Cutting-Edge Technical Development: Barclays for Watchover Bot

Barclays’ Watchover Bot uses machine learning to gauge employee sentiment in real time.

Conversations are analyzed to identify behavioural patterns. This allows Human Resources, Security and Management to proactively discern and respond to potentially problematic content.


Most Impactful Business Automation Development: BNP Paribas for SCORE

Currently, trade ideas are distributed inefficiently and often get lost. SCORE monitors a chat room for trade ideas and automatically looks for client information related to these ideas. The information is then distributed to Sales, who can consolidate ideas and make suggestions to clients.


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