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Symphony Innovate Asia 2018 Hackathon

Katherine Kilpatrick

In early June, Symphony hosted three hackathons in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. Over 125 developers across 35+ teams hacked the day away to create integrations that improve business processes on Symphony. Everyone showcased incredible innovations - and six teams were awarded prizes in the Most Cutting-Edge Development and Most Impactful Automation Development categories. Take a look at the winning developments from each region.

Hong Kong

Most Cutting-Edge Development: RHINOS Bot, Team Rhinos, BNP Paribas CIB

RHINOS (Realtime Health Inspection & NOtification System) is a multifaceted application for preemptive detection and resolution of issues in trading systems. It consists of three parts: an AI engine to proactively detect irregularities in trading systems and their underlying infrastructure; a bot for consolidating signals/events from the engine and handling commands from users (using NLP) and Symphony for coordinating incident resolution efforts between teams and the bot.

Most Impactful Automation Development: Advisor Bot, Team Kizuna, Nomura

Users can request investment ideas and the latest analyst ratings & news from the Advisor Bot. The Advisor Bot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the request and respond with content related to the conversation. The bot can also bring in an expert advisor and assist with running an impact analysis if needed. The Advisor Bot will generate a summary of all conversations, which can be exported and imported into external applications.


Most Cutting-Edge Development: "if this then bot", Benjamin Tang, BNP Paribas CIB

The "if this then bot" is configured to provide answers or execute actions based on a set of conditions. The bot uses NLP and Python to understand what actions should be executed, such as translating text from another language or opening a relevant chat room based on hashtags used.

Most Impactful Automation Development: Release KAKI, Team KAKI, Credit Suisse

Team KAKI built a bot to automate and audit software releases. Developers can use this bot to send release notes and JIRA details into a chat room, and @mention users who need to be notified. The bot then keeps this information for auditors and integrates the messages with JIRA.


Most Cutting-Edge Development: ServiceNow Integration, Team FQA Elite Squad, FirstQA Systems K.K.

FQA Elite Squad created a bilateral integration between Symphony and ServiceNow to create and manage ticket assignments, approvals, and rejection with a command-based chat bot. Users can view reports, tickets, summaries, and track activities. Users can also interact with a support team directly in ServiceNow using the Symphony Embedded Chat Module. This integration streamlines workflows on both Symphony and ServiceNow.

Most Impactful Automation Development: Jackbot, Team Jackbot Hackers, BNP Paribas Securities Japan Limited

The Jackbot improves productivity and business workflows by leveraging NLP to understand the user's needs. It can summarize content in chat rooms or act as a memo tool and send reminders. The Jackbot can also assist with trade workflows. It listens to conversations and can create a new chat room with relevant stakeholders, send messages for approval/rejections, summarize the trade details, and send updates. This bot is a Jack of all trades! The bot is modular and could be extended to other workflows as well.

Congratulations to all of our winners & thank you to everyone who participated in our hackathons! Last but not least, thank you to our hosts: Credit Suisse in Singapore, Societe Generale in Hong Kong, and BNP Paribas in Tokyo!

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