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The Future is Now at Symphony Innovate Asia

Katherine Kilpatrick

Over 300 tech and financial thought-leaders from 100+ companies came together last week in Hong Kong for the first-ever Symphony Innovate Asia. Twenty customers and partners showcased their custom applications, integrations, and bots, and more importantly, how those innovations are changing the way financial services works. The day was filled with live demos, new ideas, and captivating conversations.

Here are my top highlights from the day:

Opening Keynote from David Gurlé (with 5 Live Demos!)

David opened the event by highlighting the growth of the Symphony community and expanded on the platform’s role as the “Social Operating System”, first outlined at Symphony Innovate 2017 in New York. David then showed a “day in the life” of Symphony through 5 live product demos with guests from Graticule Asset Management, Thomson Reuters, Nikkei, CLSA, and ANZ.

This day, this conference is not about Symphony, it is about you, our customers and our partners. - David Gurlé, Founder & CEO, Symphony

Community in Action

The most exciting part of the event was seeing our community developments in action - all of which were being used by customers and partners today. There were 13 live demos on the mainstage from customers like Natixis and J.P. Morgan, and 9 partners such as QUICK and Thomson Reuters showcasing demos during our all-day tradeshow. These developments were real examples of the more than 500 unique bots that have been developed by customers using Symphony’s open APIs. 

In addition, we had the pleasure of presenting our Symphony Innovation Award to ANZ and ipushpull for their transformative workflow innovations.

Jarvis was a bot idea developed as an idea for the Hackathon - we were really impressed at how quickly we could build on Symphony. - Max Nam-Storm, Global CIO, CLSA
We get a lot bot of ideas directly through our clients and from our internal users...there are about 30-35 in the pipeline. - William Quan, Executive Director, CIB – Markets Execution, J.P. Morgan

Why End-to-end Encryption Matters

Many consumers don’t really understand the meaning of “secure” or “encrypted” in the context of digital communications. Symphony’s CSO & CTO wanted the audience to clearly understand how encryption works and why it matters. The audience saw - in real-time - how a seemingly "secure" chat platform can be easily hacked, making messages thought safe readable to hackers. However, with the same attempt at Symphony, data remains encrypted and undecipherable.

Most of the services we use today have some form of encryption on them and 96% of the time, that encryption doesn’t actually protect the data after there is a data breach. - Lawrence Miller, CSO, Symphony

The event was a time for customers and partners to share ideas, discover powerful workflows, and strengthen the Symphony network. As David said in his keynote, “the future is not only now, but the future is here.” These conversations will only continue with Symphony Innovate New York 2018 in October as we explore the role of secure team collaboration in the digital workplace.

Want to see more from Symphony Innovate Asia 2018? Check out our replay page filled with videos from the day.

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