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The Next Step for Capital Markets

Barry Castle

A few weeks ago, Symphony partnered with Tabb Group on a white paper. Terry Roche, the Head of FinTech Research, summarizes their findings:

“This is a transformative time in financial services. Financial technology is evolving and next generation platforms are evolving. We see an opportunity for financial services to adopt third generation platform services, which will inevitably be very different from their predecessors.  The third generation platform, however, must be fundamentally secure, enable seamless communication between parties, and be accessible anywhere, anytime. We’ve seen that this technology already exists and it is just a matter of time before it is leveraged by not only financial services, but by other industries as well.”

It may be easy to write off this idea of an all-encompassing third generation platform as wishful thinking. But the capital markets community was “the first online community and the leader of the digital revolution.” And, after many conversations with our customers, partners and investors, we can confirm Tabb Group's thesis - the shift is a necessity.

We at Symphony understand that financial services professionals require instant communication with those in the front and back offices to execute time-sensitive trades--plus a secure, and compliant, way to communicate with their customers outside of the organization. Our partners are looking for new ways to make their content accessible to their customers who need relevant information quickly and seamlessly. And our investors are always on-the-go, traveling from meeting to meeting, and need to be able to communicate with anyone, at any time, from anywhere.

Symphony is a response to these realities. The platform was built with security as a foundation, allowing you to communicate with whomever, wherever, and whenever needed with peace of mind. Our third-party applications allow you to access content inside Symphony without losing precious time. Our robust compliance features let you chat with those inside or outside your organization without having to worry about company regulations or switching tools.

Tabb Group’s recent analysis has validated our conversations and thus, has validated the creation of Symphony. They’re correct in saying this is a critical time for financial services--we’ve heard the call for change and innovation first-hand. This is exactly why we believe that Symphony is the very opportunity for financial services that Terry mentions.

Interested in learning more? Contact us or download the full whitepaper.

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