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The Power of Community Shines at Symphony Innovate 2017

Katherine Kilpatrick

More than 500 tech and financial leaders gathered this year in NYC for Symphony Innovate 2017. Twenty-five partners showcased their application integrations and speakers from 27 partner companies shared their unique stories about the Symphony community. The day was filled with product and partnership announcements, live demos, and thought-provoking conversations.

Here are my top highlights:

David Gurlé’s Opening Keynote (with Live Demos!)

David opened the event to a standing room-only crowd. He detailed Symphony’s growing influence on the digital workplace - describing a new conceptual framework that he called the “Social Operating System” - a place where platform APIs, collaboration, and content come together to make work more productive, intuitive, and fun. David, his team, and partners then demoed new product capabilities: Check out:

--Customer Engagement Platform

--Structured Objects

--Embedded Chat Module

“We at Symphony want to facilitate the world that makes financial services happen… building the platform which will enable the community to thrive” - David Gurlé, Symphony

Symphony’s partners show off their Apps & Bots

Platform companies understand that innovation is amplified by the voices of our partners. The Symphony partner program has tripled from last year to 45 companies. Partners like IHS Markit, FactSet, Fintech Studios, ipushpull and Thomson Reuters showcased apps and integrations that will be available between now and the end of the year. David also unveiled the Symphony Media Platform. An exciting “concept car” built by the Dow Jones Innovation Team and Symphony that, based on customer feedback, will turn into commercial product in 2018.

“You’re going to get left behind… if you’re not part of the community.” - Tim Gavin, FactSet

The voices of 235K Symphony users

The afternoon panel sessions focused on real-world experiences with workflow efficiency, and the benefits of having content and working counterparts on one platform. The growing sentiment was that Symphony is the obvious alternative to outdated workflows and communication modalities - especially Email centered work. Patricia Shin from Kepler Cheuvreux said, “Symphony reduced our email volume by 30-40% within 8 months.”

“We may all be competitors, but moving to a common platform will create a frictionless environment for communications.” - Pete Spera, J.P. Morgan

Deutsche Bank announces major Open Source contribution

Deutsche Bank announced they would be contributing Plexus Interop to the Symphony Software Foundation. Plexus is a core technology in the DB Autobahn platform that can be used to interconnect applications in a standard and open way.

“By making this code publicly available, we aim to create a common industry standard that will deliver a faster and more convenient service to clients, strengthen controls and reduce costs.” - Peter Wharton-Hood, Deutsche Bank

Innovation is never complete. The event was a gathering place for this community to share ideas, explore and form new partnerships. As David said in his keynote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Want to see more about Symphony Innovate 2017? Visit our replay page.

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