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There’s Always Time to Give Back: Introducing SymphonyGives and SymphonyCares

Kim Tran

Giving back is in my blood. Whether to my friends, family, community, or charities, I always try to give more than I take.

I’ve been very happy to learn that my desire to give back is mirrored by those around me here at Symphony. As the chief people leader, I have frequent conversations with our employees about their  goals both inside and outside of work. In these chats, countless employees have asked that Symphony proactively drive various charities and fundraising initiatives. Because we can’t pursue every philanthropic opportunity, but recognized there was an eagerness here at Symphony to give back, I knew we needed to build a program to tap into this passion.

This is exactly why we created #SymphonyGives and #SymphonyCares, our employee-led philanthropy initiative.

SymphonyGives and SymphonyCares are ways for Symphony employees to easily donate, volunteer, and lead their own philanthropy initiatives with the support and enthusiasm of the company.

SymphonyGives is centered around fundraising and donations for charities, like our One Warm Coat initiative, where we donated over $2500 and more than 120 coats to the East San Jose High School District. And, this holiday season, Symphony employees gathered children’s toys for Toys for Tots and 125 pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank.

SymphonyCares, on the other hand, is focused on helping Symphony employees donate their time, like our London team’s Great British Bake Off for Sports Relief or our upcoming global philanthropy initiative with Ronald McDonald House.

These are just a few examples - believe me - we’re just getting started. :) SymphonyGives and SymphonyCares will help employees lead volunteering activities for veterans, schools, animal shelters, you name it -- however they feel the desire to help. Symphony is here to encourage and enable these initiatives both locally and globally.

Symphony’s offices are located around the globe, and we are acutely aware that without these offices, without these communities, we would have no foundation. So, to give back to our communities and to foster further involvement, I am delighted to officially announce the #SymphonyGives and #SymphonyCares campaigns!

Want to learn more or have ideas for our team? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for all the latest, and watch for the #SymphonyGives and #SymphonyCares tags to see how these programs progress. We’d love to hear your initiatives you are driving too, big or small.

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