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What's Cool About Symphony?

Katherine Kilpatrick

We recently had the honor of being included in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Social Software & Collaboration Report 2017, a report that helps enterprises identify innovative social software and collaboration solutions that can make a positive impact on their business. While we can’t tell you what’s inside, you should download the report to find out, because we think you’ll find it pretty cool.

What do we do?

Symphony is a messaging & collaboration platform that empowers its users through a persistent workspace, mending the fragmentation of having to manage multiple tools. It is the ideal solution for fast-paced, high-stakes communications that require data, external collaboration, & compliance.

Why do people think we are cool?

Symphony is more than “just another chat tool.” Symphony provides users a wide range of personalized features, layouts, and formats, so you can collaborate in a way that makes sense to you. Numerous bots and integrations allow you to work from one secure platform, rather than making you toggle between multiple tools. Pretty cool, right?

Got more cool stuff?

Yes! We go beyond what you would expect from a Silicon Valley startup with an in-house arcade, massages & ice cream truck “pop up” events, and bi-weekly workout classes! We believe if our employees are happy and engaged, their work will show it. We are also passionate about personal growth and giving back - programs like #SymphonyCares, enable employees to volunteer and lead their own philanthropy initiatives with the support and enthusiasm of the company.

Does this sound cool to you too?

Visit our website to learn more about Symphony!

Want to see why Gartner thinks we’re cool? Download the report.

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