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Contextual Intelligence Panel: Removing Digital Distance
Katherine Kilpatrick10/30/2018

Organizations are overwhelmed with data and need an organized & personalized way to receive it. At our latest Innovate conference, Symphony customers and partners discussed how the industry is using technology to read news and content rapidly, and integrating systems to collaborate and make decisions more efficiently. Read more in the transcript below.

Connecting Your Community Panel at Symphony Innovate 2018
Katherine Kilpatrick10/30/2018

At Symphony Innovate 2018, panelists discussed how the financial industry is using technology like Symphony to connect with counterparties and collaborate more efficiently with their network. Read more in the full transcript below. 

Why Slack’s Customers Really Do Need End-to-End Encryption
Lawrence Miller10/25/2018

Earlier this month, Slack’s CSO made public comments stating that its customers aren’t interested in end-to-end encryption, so it’s not a priority for the company. For a company which claims to be the platform "where work happens,” this decision to dismiss such a powerful tool to protect their customer data is concerning, especially when it comes from their top security executive.

Defining the New Digital Workplace at Symphony Innovate 2018
Katherine Kilpatrick10/05/2018

Over 500 executives, engineers, and thought leaders from 180+ global companies came together last week at our third Symphony Innovate in New York. Throughout the day, 13 customers and 19 partners showcased their custom applications, integrations, and chat bots, and more importantly, how those innovations are evolving within the digital workplace.

Symphony Innovate 2018 Hackathon
Katherine Kilpatrick10/04/2018

On September 27, over 100 developers across 24 teams hacked the day away at the Symphony Innovate Hackathons in London, Paris, and New York. It was incredible to see such impressive workflows designed to improve business processes on Symphony built in just eight hours!

How Do You Separate Today’s Threats From Today’s Opportunities? One word: Trust.
David Gurle10/03/2018

In the digital workplace, the strength of your technology must match the strength of your relationships. With the speed and scale of disruption transforming our workplace, businesses increasingly rely upon each other to innovate.