Registration open for our annual conference, Symphony Innovate 2021. Sign-up
Registration open for our annual conference, Symphony Innovate 2021. Sign-up


Developer Sessions

Building Resilient Bots & Datafeed 2.0

Symphony has become the trusted communications platform for Financial Services. As companies continue to build bots and applications on the platform, how can you ensure these critical applications continue to stay running?

Partner Series

Symphony Partner Webinar: From Chat to Data-driven Workflows: Symphony’s Partnership with ipushpull

Watch the latest in Symphony’s Partner Webinar Series on demand, highlighting ipushpull, a leading capital markets FinTech that connects people, data and applications in real-time.

During the session we heard from Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull and Krishna Nadella, Global Head of Solutions at Symphony, as they discussed the journey towards standardization and automation in capital markets workflows.

Watch the recording where they discussed:

Bot development from beginning to end, including a live demonstration done in real-time
Real-time data sharing into Symphony
The genesis and future of the partnership between the companies
ipushpull’s Symphony integration and use cases of data-driven workflows

Developer Sessions

Build-a-Bot Session: Introducing BDK 2.0 for Python

Following the successful launch of the Bot Developer Kit (BDK) 2.0 for Java, Symphony is excited to bring the same enhanced developer experience to Python developers.

The Python variant has been redesigned from scratch to greatly simplify the bootstrapping process. It will also support common structures like RealTimeEventListeners, the Activities API and the @slash decorator that allows you to define a slash command with a single line of code.

Watch the recording where our Developer Relations team will:

Showcase the BDK 2.0 for Python
Demonstrate how you can get started building Python bots in seconds
Answer all your questions

Innovators Showcase

Symphony Innovators Showcase: Research and Content Distribution

Join us for the inaugural Innovators Showcase Series, highlighting UBS and BNP Paribas. The session will feature community-built solutions that streamline research and content distribution, as well as explore the development process and future plans for workflow automation.

This session will also cover:

Live demos of UBS Live Desk’s integration with Symphony and BNP Paribas’ Insight4Me bot
Interactive discussion around the development process on Symphony
Future solutions to optimize research and content distribution

Developer Sessions

Build a Bot Session: Leveraging NLP to build a Symphony Bot

Designing bots that handle unstructured data by leveraging Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, opens new opportunities. Bots can make unstructured data usable and human-to-human conversations actionable. By using NLU/NLP technology, bots have the power to leverage these conversations to increase efficiency without losing the personal element of our day-to-day jobs.

During this session we will:

Cover the benefits of utilising NLU and NLP technologies
Showcase how you can leverage NLU/NLP to build a Symphony Bot
Provide a step-by-step demo on how NLP can be useful in chatbot implementations

Developer Sessions

Build a Bot Series: Securing Your Bot Ecosystem

Watch the latest how to build a bot tutorial on securing your Bot ecosystem. Learn how to scale bots to efficiently leverage internal data resources to create a secure bot-to-resource ecosystem.

During this session, we will:
– Do a deep dive into a real-life authorization workflow
– Show how to realize this workflow by building 3 components using Symphony’s Bot Developer Kit 2.0, Spring Boot and Spring Security
– Discuss alternate workflows with their pros and cons