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Digital transformation
in financial markets.

How the Symphony community is driving industry change.

Symphony Innovate

Keynote: Thriving through the Fog

Symphony’s CEO Brad Levy kicks off Symphony Innovate London 2022 with his keynote address highlighting the importance of “thriving through the fog”. He’s then joined by Corinna Mitchell, General Counsel, and Michael Lynch, Chief Product Officer.

Symphony Innovate

Enabling Omnichannel Workflows: Live Demo of the Latest Features from Symphony, Cloud9 and StreetLinx

Symphony’s Mario Orphanou and Liseth Lopez walk through a day in the life of a Symphony user, highlighting how its omnichannel capabilities help teams create efficiencies through integrated workflow applications, voice communication, contact identification and directory, and CRM activity. They are joined by Stephane Hurtes, Business Manager for Digital Transformation, Global Markets, Société Générale for a discussion about his firm’s experience on the platform.

Symphony Innovate

Community Innovations: Demo from Cloud9 and Sphere

Symphony’s newest acquisition, Cloud9, the industry’s only true cloud-based, compliant voice trading platform showcases one of their key partners, Sphere. Heather Balfour Ortega, Chief Revenue Officer of Sphere and Robert Sadler, Professional Services Manager, Cloud9 demonstrate the integration which provides a solution for fragmented liquidity aggregation.

Symphony Innovate

Community Innovations: Demo from HSBC Asset Management

Noam Abettan, Head of Fixed Income Trading and Digitalisation and Daniel Leon, Global Head of Dealing, Treasury Management and Global Solutions from HSBC Asset Management demo a primary issuance trading workflow management tool, where they leveraged Symphony and Genesis to detect, discuss and implement collectively as a truly global virtual team.

Symphony Innovate

Community Innovations: Demo from BNP Paribas Securities Services

Tiago Ferreira, Global Head of Workflow Management Solutions, Nair Mendes, Symphony Business Analyst, and Benoit Strek, Head of Cognitive Center showcase a demo from BNP Securities Services of an integration built between their internal query management solution Hobart and Symphony.

Symphony Innovate

Connecting Workflows through Interoperability: Live Demo of Symphony’s New Embedded Collaboration Platform

Highlighting the efficiency gained through interoperability, Symphony’s new Embedded Collaboration Platform is announced by Krishna Nadella, Global Head of Solutions and then showcased for the first time by Senior Product Director Robert Friend and Client Success Manager Maysa Baladi. With a diverse range of financial services use cases, the demo features both pre and post trade workflow connectivity. They are then joined by Balraj Bassi, Co-founder and CEO, Tradefeedr, Dietmar Fauser, Chief Information Officer, and Michael Lynch, Chief Product Officer.