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What’s New in Symphony Release 20.13 for Developers

The Developer Relations team is excited to showcase the new API capabilities on the Symphony platform. Join Vinay and Kaosar from the team to learn more about the new features, including:
Message Updates: The ability for bots to update their own messages
Message Pinning: Pin & Unpin important message content within rooms via your bot
Dialog Elements: Embed popup dialogs within messages
Open Chat Message: Construct links to navigate between IMs and Rooms
We will be answering any questions you may have at the end of the session.


Client Onboarding with Saphyre & Unqork

Watch our Innovators Showcase Series that highlighted Saphyre and Unqork. The session featured community-built solutions that streamline client onboarding workflows, drive efficiency and reduce risk across the financial services ecosystem.

Front Office

Using QuantInsight + Symphony to Boost Market Tracking

Watch the latest in Symphony’s Partner Webinar Series. This session highlighted the firm’s partnership with Quant Insight (Qi), a leading FinTech that provides data and signals for global investors.


Building Resilient Bots & Datafeed 2.0

Symphony has become the trusted communications platform for Financial Services. As companies continue to build bots and applications on the platform, how can you ensure these critical applications continue to stay running?

Front Office

The Value of Voice Data in Today’s Institutional Trading Ecosystem

Hear panelists from Sphere, NICE Actimize and Cloud9 as they discuss:

The shift to a more distributed and virtual working environment and the impact on firms’ ability to leverage voice capture and storage solutions
The benefits of working in the cloud as opposed to on-prem when capturing and storing voice data
Industry challenges and approaches for capturing data from phone, video and IM conversations
Standardizing voice metadata in the financial sector
Forecast: next major steps that financial institutions need to take to ensure they are optimizing the value of their voice data


Weekly Training Webinars

Getting Started with Symphony 2.0. In order to stay connected and productive whilst working remotely, Symphony’s chat and collaboration tools can help provide a more dynamic, real-time work experience to keep conversations and work flowing.
Join a webinar for an overview of the NEW 2.0 platform and how you can collaborate effectively using the platform through the use of workspaces, search, tags, applications, and more.