[Webinar] Optimize your Incident Response with PagerDuty for Symphony

Symphony’s deep integration with PagerDuty provides real-time, interactive collaboration across the incident management lifecycle. From the moment an incident is identified – through on-call notifications, to resolution – team members stay connected and informed, without having to break the natural flow of work when switching to other apps for communication.

[Webinar] Symphony for Operations

In this webinar with Chris Rodriguez, Global Head of Workflow, and Olivia Knocker, Regional Head of Client Strategy of EMEA, they discussed how operations teams within sell-side and buy-side firms use Symphony to streamline operational processes including trade exception management.

Symphony Innovate 2020

Symphony Innovate 2020 is confirmed for October 7-8 in New York City. Join us at Center415 to see the latest in secure automation and workflows across global markets.

Symphony Innovate Europe 2020 [now 100% digital]

Symphony Innovate Europe 2020 is now 100% digital! Join us for an action-packed agenda where executives and technology experts can discover how to streamline secure collaboration, connect information systems, and automate workflow across global markets.

[Webinar] Symphony for Incident Management

This webinar featured highlights from our customer conference, Symphony Innovate 2019. At the conference, attendees learned how our customers streamline secure collaboration, connect information systems, and automate workflows across global markets.