Innovate Europe 2020: The Collaboration Economy and the “New Normal”

When we kick off Innovate Europe 2020, most of us will have been social distancing for six weeks or more. The transition of this Innovate from a large in-person conference to a fully-virtual event reflects the unprecedented shift COVID-19 has caused in our personal and professional lives. And while some effects are temporary, others reflect a “new normal” that financial institutions will and must embrace going forward. Solutions and initiatives that we used to think of as “trends” are now necessities for doing business.


The unprecedented global impact of the crisis is accelerating the arrival of an era that was already approaching and that we have discussed at previous Innovate events. We are ushering in the Collaboration Economy: a technology-forward approach that facilitates communication and collaboration across geographic and organizational boundaries. The COVID-19 crisis will run its course, but the Collaboration Economy is here to stay. Firms that were already on the path to digital transformation will be in a position of strength as economies “re-open” to a new reality around the world. 


The events of today have shaped our upcoming Innovate Europe 2020 virtual event, where we will: 

  • Examine what it means to embrace this new Collaboration Economy, how financial institutions need to double down on innovation to forge ahead; 
  • Showcase how Symphony is part of that strategy for many of customer, enabling the financial services industry to quickly and effectively streamline secure collaboration, connect information systems and automate workflow across global markets;
  • Hear from thought leaders in the Symphony community including Bill Winters, CEO of Standard Chartered; Guillaume Lesage, COO of Amundi; and Paul Chapman, CIO of Box.

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In the Collaboration Economy, we will come together closer as a community and we will thrive. At Symphony, we are committed to providing the services our customers are embracing to accelerate the digital transformation that will propel their businesses into this new future. We are delivering trusted solutions to fortify security, compliance and resiliency; via Secure Meetings, we’re enabling secure, reliable video conferencing; we’re enhancing our developer toolkit to enable customers to create new bots and applications on our platform; and much more. 


Join us virtually at Innovate on Tuesday, 28 April to share your own insights, to connect, and to collaborate.

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