Introducing the Symphony Developer Certification Program

Symphony Certification Program — Standalone

At the time of Innovate New York last fall, there were more than 1,000 bots on the Symphony platform–and that number is steadily growing. As more and more members of our community build bots, apps, and other extensions on our platform, we are proud to introduce the new Symphony Developer Certification Program: a free, virtual training center where developers can learn best practices and put them to use.


The Developer Certification Program reflects insights we at Symphony have gathered in the course of developing our own solutions: from capital markets applications such as SPARC, to integrations with external systems like JIRA and Salesforce, to automations and specialized workflows. We’ve learned from experience, and we designed the Developer Certification Program to give developers the confidence to build the applications that will maximize their use of our platform. The program is 100% digital, so developers can earn their certifications from anywhere, and it is free to all members of the Symphony community.


Here’s how it works:


The Developer Certification Program consists of two courses. The first course can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour, and provides a foundational overview of Symphony: the architecture of the platform, its various features, our focus on security, and the tools available to developers. After completing the first course (a series of videos and accompanying short quizzes), developers can enroll in the second: a more in-depth exploration of Symphony’s technology, APIs and tools, including code samples and demonstrations. This course takes approximately two and a half hours in total, and allows participants to go at their own pace by pausing and resuming the course as needed. It also includes exercises to be completed over a 2-to-5 day period. 


To supplement these courses, we’re providing access to our developer pod, which will allow participants to practice their new skills without needing a bot account or access to their company’s infrastructure. We are also organizing regular workshops where Developer Certification Program participants can connect with engineers from our Developer Relations team to ask questions and further deepen their understanding of the Symphony platform.


After developers have registered and finished both courses, they can take our certification exam. The timed, online exam is 50 questions long, and developers must score at least a 75% to earn their certification. Certified developers are better equipped to build bots and apps on the Symphony platform for their own organizations, or as partners engaging with Symphony customers.


The innovative ideas and solutions created every day by members of the Symphony community never fail to impress and inspire us. By introducing the Developer Certification Program, we hope to empower and encourage developers to build new bots, apps, and integrations that enhance their experience on our platform–and in doing so, strengthen our whole community.

To register for the Symphony Developer Certification Program, click here.

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