Generate Reports with KYB Express Company Report Bot

Chekk’s integration with Symphony

Chekk’s Express KYB Company Report bot enables you to quickly generate PDF reports of about 400 million companies across 200 countries & territories, to gather information about your third-parties (customers, partners, investments), including incorporation details, legal status, financials, management, directors, ownership structure with shareholders & UBOs, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks and more.

This information can provide you with useful context for business activities. knowing more about a company you’re about to interact with or invest in, compliance requirements monitoring and managing 3rd parties risk, etc.

Our Symphony Platform offers various other channels such as staff portal, customer outreach web & mobile, API as well as services, such as multi-sources engine with company registries & commercial data providers, visual shareholding structure, corporate documents, AML checks, ID&V, workflows, and real-time risk assessment.

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