Spring Bot: The Multi-Chat Platform Framework

Most of us find ourselves working in environments with multiple chat platforms. As bot developers, we need to be able to reach users irrespective of which platform they are on.

By using Spring Bot’s abstractions, you can build bots that will work concurrently on different chat-platforms. Using annotations you can build multi-platform chatbots, binding messages to methods in a similar way to Spring Web MVC.

Spring Bot’s abstraction layer is built on top of existing Java bot libraries, one of which is the Symphony Java BDK. So common tasks such as connectivity, authentication and API logic are handled by lower-level libraries like the BDK, whilst application logic is handled by the Spring Bot framework.

This project was built by Deutsche Bank developers in collaboration with FINOS. A great example of how our developer community leveraged the Symphony Java BDK and built a framework on top of BDK’s core services, thus extending its capabilities.

In this Build-a-Bot session Vinay Mistry, Developer Relations Technical Lead @ Symphony, Abhishek Sinha @ Deutsche Bank and Rob Moffat Senior Technical Architect @ FINOS, will demonstrate how to build a chat bot using the Spring Bot framework that runs concurrently across multiple chat platforms including Symphony.

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