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Do You Know Who has Access to Your Company’s Collaboration Data?

Lawrence Miller

Your most widely used business tool – your collaboration platform – may be putting your business at risk.  No one wants to experience a data breach.  What is the cause of this risk?

The problem arises in the way collaboration vendors have architected security into their platforms.  Many vendors encrypt your collaboration data at rest and in motion. But this leaves gaps – the collaboration solution providers repeatedly decrypt your data on cloud servers for processing.

Do You Know Who has Access to Your Company’s Collaboration Data? | Symphony

Large data stores make cloud servers an ideal target for nefarious actors.  Once decrypted, your data can be scraped, shared, used or hacked.

What is the solution?

As shown in the infographic, consider a secure team collaboration platform like Symphony's enterprise offering that provides end-to-end encryption:

  • Encrypt at origin: Symphony encrypts content as soon as the user presses send.
  • Decrypt at destination: Content is never decrypted until it reaches the intended recipients.
  • Get full physical and exclusive control of keys with an on-premise deployment of Hardware Security Modules; this means neither Symphony nor hackers can decrypt your content.
  • Enterprise-grade features: Symphony provides record retention, encrypted search, and real-time audio/video conferencing.

With end-to-end encryption, even if your collaboration content is breached in the cloud, it continues to be encrypted and cannot be read. You get the economics and agility of cloud computing with the control of an on-premise solution.

Make sure your collaboration provider does not have access to your collaboration content. Insist on a solution that has end-to-end encryption architected into the platform. Learn more at

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